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What is Orbera®?

The Orbera® Intragastric Balloon is a proven medical device for weight loss. It works by being inserted into the stomach, via gastroscopy under light sedation, and is filled with saline solution to a size that suits the patients individual needs. The Orbera® Intragastric Balloon stays in place for up to 6 months, in which it aids portion control and allows the patient to feel full sooner on a smaller amount of food, therefore eating less. This is then complimented with a 12 month follow-up programme, where you will receive support along the way with regular dietitian visits and a multidisciplinary approach to assist with achieving your weight loss and health improvement goals.

>It is suitable for people an ideal solution for those who are fed up with diets, pills and other weight loss programs that just haven’t worked.

How it works

  • The Orbera® Intragastric Balloon works by aiding portion control; the balloon itself sits in the upper part of the stomach, and encourages a feeling of fullness on a smaller amount of food.
  • Non-surgical/temporary device that stays in place for 6 months, and is supported by a 12 month multidisciplinary approach programme.

Who qualifies for Orbera®

  • The Orbera® System is indicated for patients with a BMI of 27> (moderately overweight) and who are looking for a kick-start to weight loss. Patients also need to ensure they are motivated and ready to comply with a medically managed weight loss programme.
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Clinically Proven

  • The Orbera® Intragastric Balloon has been clinically proven for over 20 years
  • Over 220,000 implanted globally
  • Over 250 published clinical studies

Weight loss with Orbera®

  • The amount a patient may lose with Orbera® depends on how well the programme is followed, and how they adapt to the eating and lifestyle changes.
  • Experience demonstrates that the majority of a person's weight loss typically occurs during the first three months of treatment, with most patients losing an average of 10-15kg in 6 months. The aim is to achieve an average of 1kg weight loss per week.

Weight Loss Journey

There are 7 key stages in your ORBERA® weight loss journey:

  • Preparation with your doctor
  • Placement of the ORBERA® Intragastric balloon in a day surgery procedure
  • Recovery and a liquid diet for the first few days
  • Moving onto semi-solid and then solid foods
  • Following exercise programs under advice from health professionals
  • Regular meetings during the six months with your team to follow the program
  • Removal of the ORBERA® Intragastric balloon after six months
Success Stories - http://www.orberaweightlosssystem.com.au/success-stories Success Stories - http://www.orberaweightlosssystem.com.au/success-stories